DESIGNER FOR VIRTUAL REALITY | as there will be a virtual world people can live in, you will be in charge of making it adventurous

augmented reality will invade every human activity. You will be in charge of making it the most immersive you can

ALTERNATIVE CURRENCY BANKER | In the future many alternative currency sources will be found so there will be the need of someone caring for them

START UP INITIALIZER | Startups will be the new “first job” of anyone so someone has to make them work properly at the beginning

JUNK DATA COLLECTOR | as data will be so many there will be the need of experts in charge of throwing the unusual ones away

URBAN GARDEN GROWER | in future cities there will be the need of gardens. you will be in charge of making them live

ARTIST FOR AVATAR GROWING | in the future each person will have an avatar to live a second virtual  life . You will be in charge of making the avatar look alike the person...or maybe look even better

AVATAR CUPID | as in the future  there will be a virtual reality to live in, you will be in charge of making people’s avatare meet and fall in love

3D FOOD PRINTER TECHNICIAN | in the future 3D printer will be so good they could face world hunger itself. You will be responsible for this mission: the world is in your hands!

PRIVACY PROTECTOR | in a world where everyone is connected our data are always in need of a protection. Your job is to keep them safe from any threat

DATA POLICE | In a society where data are worth more than money you will be in charge of protecting them and face every bad men who wants to steal them

SMART COMPUTER CUSTOMIZER |  In a world where computer might be smarter than people you will be in charge of making the computer fit its owner

HUMAN ORGANS DEALER | since human organs will be printed there will be the need of people who trades them; both illegally or not

DRONE TRADER | in the future drones will be so needed that official dispatching could not handle that much request. You will be in charge of filling this hole in

PLANT ALTERATION | Plant Alteration Specialist:. plants are getting as smart as people are. There will be the need to alterate them in order not to make them conquer the world

NANO WEAPONARY ENGINEER | as chip gets smaller and smaller also weapons will do. You will have to study a lot to make it the most dangerous they can

PLANT PSYCHOANALYST | As plant are getting smarter and smarter they will have feelings too. You will be needed to fix their broken hearts

EXTINCT ANIMALS REVIVALIST | more and more animals disappear every day. As technology improves you could bring them back to life

NATURAL RESSOURCES REVIVALIST | as many natural resources disappear you could use technological knowledge to make them live again

GRAVITY ENGINEER | what if we could just stop gravity for a while? You will be in charge of making it possible

TIME THIEF | As time gets the role of money you will try to gain more and more by using your foxiness

DISRUPTIVE PHENOMENA | FORECASTER what if we could predict all disruptive phenomena? You could save a lot of human beings

CLONE EDUCATOR | when people will be cloned, someone will have to train the clone to act like the original

BODY PART ENGINEER | as we will be able to print human organs, there will be a need for a worker to design them

MEMORY DOCTOR | as we will have an overflow of information, our memory capacities will decrease and there will be a need for doctors to repair gaps

TIME DISPATCHER | as time will take the role of money there will be the need of someone who dispatches it

AIR ENGINEER | in the future we could use air to lift things up; wherever science is involved, engineers are needed and you will be one of them

ROBOT CLEANER | as there will be so many robots they will need deep  cleaning from rust everyday

MEMORY SURGEON | As medical knowledge improves there will be a way to enlarge human memory and you will be the surgeon making this possible

MALWARE CODERS HANGMAN | malware coders will be the worse harm for our society. You will be in charge of punish them

DATA JANITOR | as amounts of data will increase further, data janitors will be responsible for sustaining data keeping the data clean